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                          XUE CHEN


                                            BIFT BA FASHION 20

                                            CSM MA BIODESIGN 23

                                            Bio-fashion&Upcycling Designer


Design ought to be a spiritual media. Not only people can feel the soul of designers, but also the inner emotions have been awakened.As an ordinary person, everyone will have a different track of life, which determines the different life of each of us, but emotions are connected. What I hope people know from my works not just me but also awaken their inner emotions of the audience to get their resonance.

 My name is xue chen .I used to be a fashion designer, but now I prefer to call myself an explorer of sustainable fashion.

In the design process, sustainable design concept and cross domain cooperation are my favorite directions. I prefer getting different exchanges and inspirations from cross-border cooperation, and implanting sustainable design concept in the subconscious. 

I hope to keep trying to cooperate with people in different fields to explore more emotional design themes as well. 

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