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Fashion Fruits!

  Fruit waste is one of the major problems of waste in the food industry today.Fruit waste accounts for at least one half of food waste. As fresh produce, fruit is difficult to store for long periods of time, but in today's society the sale of fruit products is random and erratic, so waste of fruit products is unavoidable.

   There are still many people in today's society who do not have access to food, so I think it is all the more important that we use fruit resources efficiently to create meaningful value.

 As a bio-fashion designer, I find this waste of biological resources alarming and unfortunate. Could there be more uses for agricultural products as a valuable biological resource?

Because there is no way to defy and avoid the process of fruit spoilage and decay, I wanted to use the resource of expired fruit to generate more value.
  So I began to wonder if I could use this resource to save the highly polluting and environmentally unfriendly fashion industry.

Fruits Leather

Leather made from expired fruit and biological additives.The leather is soft and flexible and there is no restriction on the type of fruit - any kind of fruit can be made.


Fruits Furs

A fashionable fruit fur made from plant fibres from the fruit production process combined with fruit leather, using fashionable growing techniques


Fruits Print

Fruit photosensitive prints made from expired fruit and expired alcohol. Using only sunlight and a bottle of photosensitiser

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